IPEC 2021: Main Topics

Main theme: Prospects for investment, production, consumption and the Iranian oil and energy market

Main Topics

  • The Future of Gas Production and Consumption
  • Refinery or Petro-Refinery, the Role of Government and the Private Sector
  • Challenges of Non-Governmental Investment in Iran Power and Renewable Energy Industry
  • Upstream Production with the Aim of Petrochemical and its Role Boundaries
  • The Current World Impacts on the Future of Iran Oil and Energy Industry
  • The Outlook of Commerce, Value-Creation and Gas Consumption
  • Methanol Surplus, Price Effects and Value Chain Completion
  • The Future of Export Markets for Oil, Petroleum and Petrochemical Products and the Role of International Cooperation in the Post-Corona Era
  • Oil and Energy Regulation
  • Supporting E&P Companies to Achieve the Production Capacity of Eight Million Oil Barrels
  • Modern Financing Methods with the Capital Market Perspective