Registration 2021

Important points for registration in the Sixth Congress:

  • The necessary documents for registration are the completed registration form (for the person separately) and the registration payment receipt.
  • Formal certification is subject to the completion of starred clauses and attendance at Congress.
  • The net registration fee includes attending two-day congressional hearings, certification, and shipping costs.
  • The net registration fee is equal to 116 Euro. 9% value added tax will be added to this amount.
    In case of group registration of more than 5 people, 10% discount will be given.
  • The registration fee for faculty members by presenting a faculty card and for members of the Oil and Energy Club by presenting a valid membership card includes a 50% discount.
  • The net registration fee for students by presenting a valid student card is 70% discount. 9% VAT will be added to this amount.
  • It should be noted that the mentioned discounts include payments before the start of the congress.
  • Withdrawal from Congress is free of charge for up to three weeks prior to the event, after which no refund will be given to the participant.

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