۶th Congress of Oil and Energy; The first virtual professional congress in Iran

The 6th Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club Congress and Exhibition (IPEC 2021) will be held on 26-28, January, 2021, in Tehran, Iran at Industrial Management Institute Conference Center.

IPEC is the largest event of its kind in the middle east and has the full support and endorsement of the Ministry of Petroleum, Iran. It will examine the key topics that affect the rapidly advancing oil and gas industry throughout our country.

Our goal is to shed a light on needs and priorities of Oil & Petroleum industries so we are hosting local expert associations and top level international participants in the annual congress.

the coronavirus epidemic in Iran, like all countries in the world, has created special and new conditions and not only did it spark serious discussions about the effects of sanctions on countries’ economies and people’s health; It has also influenced the way many events are held. This desperation, as well as the continuation of structural changes and sanctions, prompted congressional staff to be more sensitive in the sixth term to outline new topics and select the subject of the panels.

Therefore, in addition to making changes in the method of holding the IPEC Congress, which will be part-time and online, in choosing the topic of the meetings, care has been taken to have at least one meeting on the future of oil, product and petrochemical export markets and one meeting is dedicated to the role of international cooperation in the post-Covid era.

The previous IPEC Congress were held with the presence of more than 4000 experts from local and international organizations and first class companies dealing with key issues in the oil and Gas industry.


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