Opening Ceremony – 8:30-10:00

Corporation’s Social Responsibility It’s Relationship with Sustainable Development – 10:30-12:00
Sayyed Amir Talebian, Social Consular of Ministry of Petroleum
(Chairman of the Panel)
Mohammad Fazeli, Advisor to Minister of Energy
Mohammad Reza Mahdizadeh, Head of HR Planning at National Iranian
Oil Refining and Distribution Company
Mohammad Kermani, Deputy Director of Human Resources Planning and Development in NPC and Chairman of Fajr Petrochemical Board

New Paradigms in Oil and Gas Upstream – 13:30-15:00
Golamreza Manouchehri, Deputy of Engineering and Development of NIOC (Chairman of the Panel)
Azamat Ismagilov, Deputy General Director for Business Development of Zarubezhneft
Mohammad Iravani, Chairman and CEO of Dana Energy
Behzad Mohamadi, CEO of OIEC
Parviz Rahat, Managing Director of Tadbir Energy Development Group

Strategies of Improvement of Electricity Market’s Policies, Structure and Regulation – 15:30-17:00
Bahman Masoudi, Vice President of managing director of Mah Taab Gostar Co. (Chairman of the Panel)
Giuseppe Zampini, CEO of Ansaldo Energia
Ahmad Davodi, Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club Secretary
Aliasghar Esmaeilnia, Deputy of Financial and Logistics Coordination and Assemblies Affairs
Seyed Ali Hosseini, Chairman of Iran Energy Exchange IRENEX
Mohammad Ali Vahdati, The President of Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate

State-of-the-art Project Management in Oil and Gas Industry – 8:30-10:00
Reza Dehghan, Chairman of the Board, Petroleum Engineering & Development Company (PEDEC) (Chairman of the Panel)
Stanislav Buchinskii, Deputy General Director for Gas Projects Rosneft
Roman Gnilitsky, Deputy General Director for Technological Rosneft
HOEFT Helge, Director Upstream / Senior Project Manager
Hamid Akbary, PPL CEO and Member of Board

Companies in Petrochemical Industry; An Overview on the Requirements, Challenges and Developments Based on Pension Funds – 10:30-12:00
Jafar Rabiee, CEO of Persian Gulf Chemical Industry Company
(Chairman of the Panel)
Seyed Reza Norouz zade, Deputy Petroleum Minister and Managing Director of NPC
Morteza Azizi, Founder and CEO of Parsian Oil & Gas Development Group Company
Mahmood Makhdoomi, Managing Director Tamin Petroleum & Petrochemical Investment Co.

Gas Production and Consumption Outlook and It’s Relationship with Energy Consumption Intensity and Prioritizing Excessive Gas – 13:30-15:00
Roknoddin Javadi, Deputy Petroleum Minister of Supervision on
Hydrocarbon Resources (Chairman of the Panel)
Mahdjouba Belaifa, Head of Gas Market Analysis Department, Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF)
Mohammad Mehdi Rahmati, Deputy Planning of MOP
Hasan Montazer Torbati, The CEO of Gas Engineering and Development Company
Seyed Ali Hosseini, Deputy of Production, Planning and Development at Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry

Closing Ceremony – 15:30-17:00

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