Congress Topics

The main Theme


“Identifying problems and obstacles in the future development of the oil industry”





  • Variety of contract partnerships and developments methods based on oil fields size

  • Target production capacity for Iran petroleum




  • Future gas production plans and export challenges

  • Gas supply in the energy stock market


Petrochemical and Refining

  • Sustainability of petrochemical and refining industries feed in the future and challenges

  • The future of petrochemical industry development (upstream and downstream)

  • Definition and position of regulatory in petrochemical industry and the role and necessity of NPC

  • Integrated view and optimal model of petrochemical refinery development




  • Energy sector subsidies, actual pricing and the impact on energy efficiency

  • A new definition of the financial relationship between the government and the Ministry of petroleum subsidiaries

  • New methods of financing and capital market capacities

  • Cryptocurrencies; opportunities and threats

  • Structure of energy markets


  • The impact of the electric vehicles and new energies development on the future consumption of gasoline, oil and gas

  • Simultaneous production of electricity and heat in energy-intensive industries

  • Electrical industry regulation and the challenges of the non-governmental sector in power generation



Environmental, energy efficiency and renewable energy

  • Optimization of electricity and gas consumption patterns in different parts of the country

  • The future of solar power generation in Iran



New technologies

  • Research and technology parks and funds, startups and knowledge bases in the oil industry

  • Technology transfer solutions in contracts with foreign companies



  • Recommendations for the energy sector in the Seventh Development Plan

  • Strategic recommendations in the energy sector and new government

  • Foundation of the Ministry of Energy and the future of related departments

  • Restructuring of the Ministry of Petroleum using international experiences and studies


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