About us

Nearly a century of activity of Iranian experts and managers in the energy sector, especially in the oil industry, has provided a valuable treasure of science and experience that is now referred to in economic circles as human capital. Attention to human capital in the Iranian economy, and especially in the most important and strategic economic sector of the country, is something that can be the source of many positive economic and scientific effects.

The purpose of establishing this club is to monitor and comment on the developments in the oil and energy sector from an independent and non-governmental perspective. Of course, this does not preclude cooperation and consultation with the government in its broadest sense, which includes the legislature and the judiciary. However, the independence of the club does not preclude cooperation and strategic advice to the private sector active in the field of oil and energy.

This collection is a great asset for commenting and criticizing the government’s behavior on the subject of its work. The group can also make suggestions, strategies, consultants, plans and plans to the government and decision-makers in government, and can also provide recommendations and strategies to the private sector active in this sector.


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