IPEC 2019 Main Topics

Main Theme

Future Directions in Iran’s Petroleum and Electricity Business Environment; Focusing On the Role of Private Sector



OPEC and Non-OPEC Future Outlook

New Requirements of Regional and International Gas Markets

Digital Currencies; Opportunities and Threats

CSR in Oil and Gas Industries

8 Million bbl/d Oil Production; Dream or Reality

Petroleum Sector and Government Fiscal Regime

Environmental Challenges; Progress or Setback

Knowledge-Based Companies and Startups; The Key to Oil Industry’s Future Evolution

Review of “Article 44 Of The Constitution’s Policies” Implementation and Outsourcing of State-Owned Sector

Review The Boundaries of Government Tenure and Outsourcing Approach

Restructuring and Reforming of the Ministry of Petroleum; International Experience and Studies

Funding Development of Petroleum and Electricity Sectors; Stock Markets and Financial Securities

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