• Outlook of the Production, Consumption and Trade of Petroleum Products
  • New and Effective Technologies for Improvement the Economics of Refineries
  • Outlook of the Petrochemical Industry Developments
  • The Role of Holding Companies in the Petrochemical Industry
  • Future of the Gas Industry: Allocation of Surplus Production, Reduction of Energy Intensity and Supply Security
  • Gas Trading


  • Improvement of the Structure and Decision-Making Process at the National Iranian Oil Co.
  • Changing the Business Environment, Requirements of Development in the Upstream of the Oil Industry and the Role of the New Private Sector
  • Optimal Fiscal Regime between Government and National Iranian Oil Company


  • The Effect of Oil Industry Development on Economic Growth in Iran (Iran's Economic Growth)
  • Strategies for Improving the Governance and Regulatory System
  • Project Management Challenges
  • Capacities and Mechanism of Iran's Export of Technical-Engineering Services
  • Challenges and Strategies for Financing


  • The Impacts of Digitization on the Electricity Industry
  • Relationship of the Economy and the Electricity Market
  • Which One Is Better? Electricity Export or Gas Export