Marquis Ennio H.A.R. Senese

Vice President with ILF Consultants and Engineers


Ennio Senese is an interim Vice President with ILF Consultants and Engineers, based in Munich. Until recently, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Phi Energy Ltd Group of Companies, a downstream development venture, acquiring refineries and adjacent businesses in Europe. Until October 2014, he was also the interim Director Energy with Turner and Townsend, the advisory firm for Capital Projects. In addition, Ennio holds various non-exec board and advisory positions in European companies in the periphery of energy and finance.

Until January 5 2013, Ennio was the interim CEO of a CH / N L based Private Equity Company, a global holding company of operating groups in the area of Financial Services for the sector Energy. He started in this position on the first of November 2010.

From June 2008 until January 2011 Ennio served as the lead of Accenture’s Resources practice in the East Mediterranean, based in Rome with offices in Athens and Istanbul. He joined and left Accenture as an Executive Managing Partner.

Prior to Accenture, he was an Executive Director with Shell Global Solutions, focusing on the third party and JV business of Shell globally, in addition to being Chairman of Shell Services Italy and board member of Shell Italy, where he has worked for ten years, including three years as external Strategy consultant.

Furthermore, Ennio has held positions with two big five Consulting companies for more than 14 years and on behalf of those companies served major IO C’s and RO C’s among others, in improving performance from strategy to execution, throughout the whole Value and Supply chain, in roles varying from project consultant to project director.

Ennio has 33 years of international experience of which 23 years specifically in the Oil and Gas industry, with focus on Strategy, M&A, and Performance Improvement in the areas of Reliability and Efficiency improvements in the manufacturing and distribution domain. He has successfully lead and participated, among others, in a variety of change implementations and efficiency programs in the Oil and Gas industry.

Ennio is 55 years old, a father of three, and studied law and Business Management in Amsterdam and London and holds a Master degree in International Law. In September 2013 Ennio was awarded a DBA after having completed a three year executive program with the University of San Jose’ (UN EM). He has completed a number of professional and certifying courses with US and European Universities, and is a certified and qualified negotiator. He is a fellow of the Energy Institute, of which he was also the Chairman for the Netherlands, a Fellow of the International Institute of Management Consultants and a former board committee member of the O il Council. He is furthermore a participative member of the Alumni association of the University of Amsterdam and international N GO ’s in the areas of inter-religious dialogue, Humanitarian aid and Environmental preservation. He has received decorations and honors from various international organizations, among which from Royal houses and supranational organization s