Zampini, Giuseppe
Personal Data
Date and place of birth: 17 August 1946, Ponte nelle Alpi (BL)
Professional Profile
6 April 2001 - present
Position: CEO of Ansaldo Energia
In this position, Giuseppe Zampini led the restructuring of Ansaldo Energia, on the verge of bankruptcy at the
beginning of 2000, turning it into Italy’s largest electromechanical company, economically healthy and
technologically independent.
International experience in English-speaking countries, North Africa, Iran, the Middle East and the Far East.
August 1999 - April 2001
Position: General Manager of Ansaldo Energia
November 1997 - August 1999
Position: Deputy General Managerof Ansaldo Energia
1989 - November 1997
Position: Responsible for the Energy Operations (cogeneration and renewable energies) of Ansaldo Industria SpA as
part of the Cogeneration Business Unit of Ansaldo Industria.
The Business Unit grew from an annual turnover of around 40 bn lira at the beginning of 1990 to approximately 180
bn lira at end of the period, with approximately 270 employees.
1994 - 1997
Ansaldo Industry USA becomes a subsidiary of the Cogeneration Business Unit of Ansaldo Industria, reporting
directly to the undersigned.
1990 - 1993
Directly in charge of the energy operations of Ansaldo Industria in the USA, via the incorporation and launch of
Ansaldo Industry USA (currently "Ansaldo Energy USA")
The Company was ranked among the “top 20 construction companies in the USA” by specialised journals in 1994.
Operations in Italy and the United States were directly and simultaneously managed by the undersigned, particularly
from 1992 to 1993.
In the USA, operations involved both plant construction and project financing, which made it possible to gain specific
experience on the subject.
These operations were personally coordinated with frequent travelling to the U.S.A. This experience was later to
become useful for the relaunch of Ansaldo Energia and the acquisition of major orders for the Company both in Italy
and abroad in the last ten years.
1982 - 1988
Head of the Components business unit of NIRA SpA, an Italian subsidiary of the Ansaldo Group operating in the
nuclear power business.
The business unit was composed of 150 high-profile technicians, some to be later taken over by Ansaldo Energia’s
nuclear business unit, a fully-owned subsidiary of Ansaldo Energia since November 2005.
Activities in relation to Italy’s Unified Nuclear Project (PUN) were developed in the period .
End 1982
Appointed Executive of the Ansaldo Group. From this moment, technical activities went alongside with managerial
coordination (of both economic and HR aspects) and the development of extensive international relations (Great
Britain, France, Germany) in the nuclear energy sector.
1981 - 1982
Temporarily moving to the USA for NIRA as a nuclear components specialist at Westinghouse.
1972 - 1981
Structural specialist in nuclear components.
Since February 2013: Chairman of Federprogetti – Italian Federation of Industrial Plant Engineering
Since 20 December 2012: Chairman of Confindustria (Italian Industrialists' Federation) – Genoa
December 2008 – December 2012: Deputy Chairman of Confindustria - Genoa
Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of ANlMP, the Italian Association of Industrial Plant
Member of the Board of Directors at ALCE, Associazione Ligure Commercio Estero (Ligurian Foreign Trade
Member of ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineering
Since 2010: Member of the Board of Directors at the Galliera Hospital, Genoa
Since February 2013: Member of the Board of Directors at the Gaslini Foundation, Genoa
• June 1971 - Degree in nuclear engineering with honours from the University of Pisa