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چهارمین کنگره راهبردی نفت و نیرو

The 4th Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club Congress & Exhibition

Topics 2015

  • Congress Topics

    Power: Capacity and Effiiency Enhancement in Gas Power Plants, Smart Grid, Power Market Restructure

    Upstream: Advanced and Intelligent Drilling, Seismic, Production in Deep Water, Shale Oil and Shale Gas, New Production Technology

    Petrochemical and Refiing: Natural Gas to Polypropylene, Surge Olefi Plants Capacity, Integrated Complex, Heavy Residue Deep Converting

    Natural Gas: Effiiency Enhancement and Cost Reduction in GTL and LNG

    Renewable Energy: Effiiency Enhancement and Cost Reduction in Solar and Wind Plants

    Energy Conservation: Energy Conservation in Energy Intensive Industries, Developing Housing Industry towards Green Buildings

    Vehicle: CNG as Fuel for Vehicles, Electrical and Hybrid Vehicles, Effiiency Enhancement


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